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The Rules

Just want to say how glad I am you’re interested in PBL!

The rules consist of not that many things but try to make sure you can follow ’em!

  1. Respect Yourself, Respect Others.
  2. Every two weeks we will read a new book. Books will be selected by member suggestions and can be from any genre. The suggestions will then be put into a poll where all members will vote. The majority of votes will decide the next book!
  3. Respond. This is a place where you can dissect a book you read, say whether you hated or loved it, and discuss your reflections. Contribute and see what others have to say, they want to know what you think,too!
  4. Reading will start May 2nd,2010 and end August 21st,2010, which lays out 8 books over 4 months. This is an experiment to see if it can sustain over a few months. There’s no reason why we couldn’t keep going if there are dedicated and consistent members..

I’m sure I’ll think of more as time goes on!

any questions? my e-mail:

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